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As a small business development team our company has positioned itself as an online business news site to be selective to in news publication and to raise the profile of things, we feel you might like to know about. We are a small company dedicated to publishing business news, tips and advice online.

We consider ourselves to be an online business information portal that is here to help B2B become visible in the search engines as well as raising the online visibility of specific world, national and even local company news.

In 2020, my business partner and I formed Bloggy Bee. I have excelled in marketing for company’s I have consulted with. As a result of building this online business portal, I have achieved and created a platform and source to raise the visibility of my own business as well as others and to bring world business news into the online spotlight and to increase the profile of my business clients.

My name is Paula Barnes and I come from Lafayette, Louisiana. For many years now I’ve been doing business in this part of the world. I’ve not always worked here, however due to circumstances, like each one of us I carved my own really good business ability and found myself doing the things I do best, which is namely online marketing.

We would now like to welcome businesses to contact us if they would like to be featured here on our site. All we ask is to get in touch and send us a newsworthy article.

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