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The Rebirth Of The Text Message 5 Benefits Of Using SMS Marketing


It is 2021, and SMS is still relevant. It is because companies and large brands have benefited from the increasing importance of SMS. Why?

Digital marketing efforts should be focused on this medium to reach the target audience. Although SMS can be used to directly question users and clients, engagement rates and response rates prove that it is a highly effective tool for marketers.

We wanted to highlight 5 benefits of SMS marketing that could be used in business strategies. As you know, almost all of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. It’s now up to you to reach the people that are most interested in your topic.

SMS marketing is a simple and clear method to send messages and campaigns via text messaging for transactional and promotional purposes.

Information sent to an audience may have many purposes. It can be used to interact with visitors to a website, ecommerce site, or ask them to confirm an order. Brands can use SMS to attract more customers and increase their conversion rate.

It is believed that the open rate will reach 95%, which is the highest digital marketing channel metric, surpassing email marketing.

Companies have been exploring mobile marketing campaigns in recent years, with SMS being the preferred channel. What’s the reason? We will tell you five benefits of text messaging in multi-channel strategies.

Digital marketing is seeing SMS resurgent as an ally

An unbeatable open rate

The open rate for SMS is one of the highest of all digital marketing channels. This route is very effective in getting any message to your target audience with an average 95%.

The text message also has the advantage of being associated with something personal. It is a way to communicate with people close to you. This allows brands and companies to build a close relationship with customers.

Increase your conversion rate

This is without a doubt one of the most appealing benefits for marketers. According to Neil Patel’s website, SMS marketing can increase the conversion rate for multi-channel strategies by combining personalization and channel effectiveness.

The conversion rate for text messages is 9%, which is higher than email marketing’s average of 2%. This translates into profit, but the cost of this campaign is still very affordable.

Straight to the point

It is the conciseness of the text message that makes it stand out. There are only a few characters that can say everything. This allows us to communicate clearly and concisely. This channel is great for requesting interaction or information from users. It doesn’t give much in return and people love it.

You can choose to stop receiving SMS marketing campaigns by sending a text message. It is important to remember that SMS marketing campaigns can only be deployed if we know exactly what to say and when to do it. This is crucial to keep and retain the public.

Your audience wants you to read them

Remember how we said that SMS allows people to choose whether they want to receive messages on their phones? This freedom of choice is a huge benefit to the campaign’s success.

If the public decides to receive commercial texts messages, they automatically become active audiences. This means they will consume your content and interact with it. This increases conversion rates. This almost feels like an explicit agreement.

It’s a great complement

Last but not least, SMS can be a great ally for other digital marketing channels.

It is common to integrate the SMS message into multi-channel strategies. SMS can be used in social media marketing and email marketing to ask users to sign up for a newsletter, or to remind them that they have abandoned their shopping cart.

There are many opportunities, so it is important to make the most of them to realize your goals. SMS is here to stay, and it has almost become a marketing genius.

Mailify: The SMS Marketing Platform Par Excellence

These platforms and marketing communication management are becoming more intuitive and efficient for users. Mailify is a high-end solution that allows for the creation and management multi-channel campaigns.

The tool for mass SMS sending is one of its most notable features. You can quickly personalize your audience and create content to reach your audience quickly.

Mailify technology allows users to personalize their contact lists using the parameters they choose. Using the platform’s filters you can also segment the messages that you send.

Personalization fields can be used to make your SMS stand out. This will allow customers who receive it to feel closer and more connected with the brand.

You don’t need any technical skills to create the SMS. The Rich-Message Editor allows you to create SMS by using the drag and drop feature. It also lets you manage text blocks, images, and multimedia content.

You can, however, include text messages in automated situations and supplement your strategy with email.

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