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Setting Up A Self-Service Laundry, Little Investment And Quick Profits

The hospitality industry has been badly punished in 2020 and 2021 with new restrictions and lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic. It may be that if you are in the hospitality sector you want to complement your business perhaps expanding to another sector, we propose the industrial laundry and specifically the industrial self-service laundry.

Or you are an investor looking for profitability and to be able to invest in a business that is easy to manage with a high yield index, this post may also be interesting for you.

In this post we are going to look at starting a self-service industrial laundry business.

Advantages of starting a self-service launderette

  • It is an upward trend. At the present time, due to the high energy and supply costs, families increasingly use the self-service laundry service in their day to day, gather their clothes and one day a week wash them at a price. closed and inexpensive.
  • In large cities, increasingly compact homes in which many do not have a washing machine.
  • Analyze the location very well, that it is near a supermarket, near a school, near a hospital … that it is easy to park … that there is no other self-service laundry more than 700m away.
  • Quick payback on investment (2 – 3 years)
  • Investment of between $35,000 and $60,000

This 2020 we have already installed an industrial laundry section in a cafeteria, and it works very well for them!

Also in hostels a small corner for guests to wash their clothes is ideal.

Or at gas stations, it is ideal for users such as motorhomes and trucks.

In any case, we are going to analyze the different business modalities that the self-service laundry offers you.

First questions to ask ourselves if we want to set up a self-service laundry.

It doesn’t take a lot of staff. We have self-service laundries managed by the same owner that offers self-service laundry service and takes advantage of the hours that are not in use for traditional laundry services, serving gyms with towel washing, residences, and we have an owner who is in a small provincial capital that have collection points in neighboring towns.

  • In this case we recommend the form of payment in coins, and an exchange machine.

In the event that the Industrial Laundry is a complement to an existing business with the same hours. The same employees of the existing business serve self-service laundry customers.

In the case of campsites, hostels, cafeteria with laundry corner, this year a client who had an orthopedic put a self-service laundry corner.

  • In this case, the form of payment can be in coins or tokens.

The chips go in packages of 100, each time we use this payment system less, because the chips are lost, and sometimes after the years the same model of chips is not found.

If we want a self-managed self-service laundry, because there will be no one attending it, then we recommend a full payment center.

It seems incredible, but this is how we increasingly find small investors who have their profession but who invest in a self-managed self-service laundry business.

From what we told you: a self-service laundry has a high yield and fast amortization , well located and well managed.

With a complete payment center you can pay with coins, Visa, payment with the mobile phone like bizum.

In this case, it is accompanied by home automation that allows us to enter each machine, turn it off, manage queries and open or close it remotely.

In addition, the payment system allows us to know the real-time production of our business, and machine by machine.

Self-service laundry in franchise:

It is ideal for investors and entrepreneurs without experience in the laundry sector who do not know the laundry business because they are projects with the possibility of being turnkey. They include everything from the corporate image of the franchise to Marketing tools.

I hope this has inspired you to look further in to this business opportunity.

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