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Netflix And Its “Camouflaged” Way Of Advertising

Advertising has changed its approach to products and advertising for many years. We will show you how one of the most popular platforms makes advertising non-intrusive. This is Netflix, the mighty streaming service that has become the preferred choice for advertisers. More and more people are signing up to Netflix to access their favorite content wherever and whenever they like.

You may think that you are completely free from advertising when you subscribe to Netflix. However, passive advertising can also impact your enjoyment of Netflix content.

It is essential to understand the workings of Netfilx advertising. Netflix is a streaming video content platform that offers a wide range of audiovisual products. However, it uses a common technique found in cinemas, television and series: product placement, or “Product Placement”.

Product Placement is an increasingly popular format. This format involves passively showing a product/service on the screen as though it were a casual part of the story. As in the movie “Three Meters Above the Sky”. Although the protagonists are not allowed to interact with the brand or product in a plane, they appreciate the background and Coca Cola brand, which is displayed to the viewer.

Product Placement allows these products to be incorporated into the story. This makes it easier for viewers to respond positively to the advertising.

Although it is discreet, discrete, and well-hidden, Product Placement on Netflix can be a niche market that requires a lot investment because it is a large market that moves large sums of money. Many Netflix series feature products as part of the story and characters.

There are many studies that show the product. These figures can vary from 50,000 to 550,000 dollars, depending on the product location.

It is important to remember that the ads are more expensive if the plot is set in the past. If the product is complicated to implement in that time, it will be more costly.

There are four types of product placements on Netflix

For Netflix series, you can distinguish between four types Product Placement. These are:

Verbal location: The actors do not manipulate or interact with the object being promoted, but only refer to it verbally. In this example, one actor mentions that he spent his whole day playing Xbox and the other actors have a conversation.

Passive location: This is the most commonly used. It is appreciated that the product appears in the background of the series. However, the actors don’t name it or use it. This scene is taken from Terminator 2. It shows a vending machine that bears the Pepsi brand.

The product advertisement is active placement. Characters manipulate it to increase its visibility. As you can see, Ted holds a bag of doritos in his hand and takes it to the movie.

Hyperactive placement: This is where the characters manipulate the product in the same way as active placement but with more emphasis. Fast and Furious 7 has a scene in which Dominic Toreto (Vin Diesel) and Fran Petty (kurt Rusell) talk about beer. Fran attempts to convince Dominic to try Belgian beer because it is the best. But Dominic refuses to listen and insists that he prefers Coronita and that he would never change it. He then interacts with Coronita by reaching for the bottle and enjoying a glass.

Netflix will not be advertising at the moment

Neflix stated long ago that advertising will not be used because so much of its original production was based on product placement. Consumers of this streaming platform are often curious about whether the content can be sustained without traditional advertisements.

Hasting, the CEO of the company, responded in an interview that he believed that his company’s success was due to its independence and less control over employees. He also stated that it would be a bad idea to introduce advertising on Netflix.

The company is committed to maintaining its current business plan, and more importantly, taking into consideration that the market is growing faster than advertising.

Netflix is focusing on subscriptions as a business model and leaving behind other platforms’ steps.

Netflix has introduced a less intrusive, but more indirect, advertising format. Product Placement is another way to direct communications efforts.

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