Top 7 Weird Ideas to Spend Your VDay

Top 7 Weird Ideas to Spend Your VDay

Play A Marathon Game of Hide and Seek

Instead of spending Valentine’s Day worrying about dinner reservations or the cost of your gift, spend time on what really matters; having a blast with the one you love. As a child you played hide and seek around the house, but as adults you could set the boundaries anywhere- your favorite park, a square of city blocks, or a premade list of acceptable hiding spots. Take turns exploring the city searching for your lover. The loser buys the winner a beer and a slice of pizza at the end of the night.        


Channel Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie

Have a one of a kind experience with your lover by planning a thrill ride of a Valentine’s Day. Jump out of a plane, rent a sailboat, or visit a rock climbing gym to up the ante on your special day. Engaging in thrill-seeking behavior will get you and your lover’s hearts racing before you even get a chance to cuddle up to each other. If you want to go this route it’s best not to plan it as a surprise; you don’t want to lay down the money for a plane rental only to find out your boyfriend has a crippling fear of heights. The key is to be creative, be daring, and be upfront with your partner about what actually sounds like a good time (as opposed to a living nightmare).

Create Your Own Fortune Cookies

If you and our sweetheart are planning on a low key holiday this year, you can still sneak in a super special and quirky touch. Order Chinese take out and then sneak in some homemade fortune cookies in favor of the ones the restaurant supplies. There are recipes all over the Internet, and the cookies are relatively easy to make. Type up a few special notes to your lover- memories, compliments, or wishes for the future, and print them in a small size so you can cut them into fortune-size strips. Then while the cookies are still warm you can seal the fortune inside.

Make sure to bake the cookies well in advance of your Valentine’s Day plans so the surprise isn’t ruined. The look of shock and joy on your lover’s face when he or she cracks open the custom cookie will be the highlight of the holiday.

Curate A Horror Movie Marathon

Research shows that experiencing frightening or intense experiences with another person forms a special kind of connection with them. That’s right, all of those “far-fetched” plotlines in disaster movies about two people falling in love amidst an alien invasion actually have a solid foundation is psychology.

Use this knowledge to get closer to your sweetie this Valentine’s Day by scaring yourselves silly with a horror movie marathon. You could do a grab bag of greatest hits or pick three or four from an established franchise. Plan ahead for your day snuggled up on the couch (or in bed) by purchasing a bottle of wine and an assortment of treats- popcorn, movie theater candy, pigs in blankets, or a gourmet frozen pizza are all great ideas. Then turn off the lights, cuddle under a blanket, and let the terror begin!

Give Something Back

This Valentine’s Day you can break the commercial cycle by spending your time volunteering for the less fortunate. Helping out someone in need can bring you and your valentine closer by reminding you to be grateful for each other and what you both have. Help out at a soup kitchen, bring small gift bags to a hospice or retirement home, or offer to walk dogs at the local animal shelter. No matter what you do, you’ll be bringing joy to more than just your sweetheart’s eyes this holiday.

Go Old School at the Local Arcade

For a crazy good time think back to your middle school days and take your lover to a local arcade for some digital fun. In many cities you can find at least a bar or two that feature old school games so you can kick back while you play. Your sweetheart will squeal with delight as they navigate the virtual cityscape in a racing pod or better yet, groove alongside you to your favorite tunes in a dancing game. If there are no arcades nearby you can still plan a fun night with a home console or some board games.

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